How to be Abundant


Living an abundant, prosperous life is a life lived as it should be. 

When we operate from an abundant space, we have so much more to share with others and we are living in harmony with the earth and universe. This flows into everything you do in your business and life.

So how do you manifest abundance?

Firstly, within you is all you need to become prosperous. Who you truly are is the same as the creative, compassionate abundant energy of nature and of the universe. If you want a reference point, just look at the prosperity all around you - the stars, the sand, the ocean, and leaves on the trees.

If you are manifesting lots of experiences that are depleting your energy, your bank account or your relationships, you are likely operating from your limited self. This sense of you is more closely associated with your fears and past conditioning. It is where your limiting beliefs are dominant and taking control of your thoughts and actions.

Beliefs like:

  • There isn't enough
  • I'm not enough
  • I'm not worthy
  • Don't be greedy
  • I can't have everything I want
  • Someone else will miss out if I have more
  • My family is poor, so I am destined to be too

When you operate from your natural Abundant Self, you are in the state of flow, you follow your intuition when making decisions, you know that you are innately enough and worthy of prosperity.

When you live each day with your attention focused on your Abundant Self, you will experience more wealth, happiness, freedom and love. Manifesting your desires becomes so much easier because your vibration is high and you are matching the energy of your dream life.

It's about who you are being, not what you are doing.

So how do you keep aligning with your Abundant Self? There are lots of tricks that I'll share with you over the coming weeks and months, but here is a great practice to begin: 

  1. Become aware of your state, awareness is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to expand.
  2. Connect with the space between your eyebrows. This is your pearl point, it is where energy enters your body.
  3. Imagine this point opening and invite in the abundant energy of the universe to enter your body.
  4. Allow it to flow in, filling your whole being.
  5. Continue breathing deeply enjoying this flow of abundance to build and reconnect you with your Abundant Self.

Once you feel full and expanded, take note of who you are when you are aligned with your Abundant Self. This will give you a reference point to continue returning to and expanding upon. 

Get the audio guided version of this meditation free here: Be Abundant Practice

Anything is possible when you live more and more knowing you are the same energy as the Universe!

I'm excited for you!


Claire xx

This technique is adapted from the process out of Mary and Gary O'Brien's book - Messages From Your Soul. Learn more about their work here.



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