What to do if you are feeling stuck or uninspired...

If you are feeling stuck or uninspired at the moment, I just want you to know that going though lulls in creativity from time to time is totally normal and OK.

It definitely isn't the time to go into self judgement or begin scrolling through instagram comparing yourself to others... NOOOO! Don't do that!!

Here is a fun little exercise to try when you need a little guidance to get you out of a rut. All you need is a collection of books - it can be your own, a book shop or library, it doesn't matter.  

Here are the steps...

  1. Go to the book shelf.
  2. Take some deep breaths and connect with your heart space. 
  3. Once you feel settled, ask "what do I need to know?" 
  4. Gaze at the books and notice which book seems more obvious to you. It might seem to stand out more in colour or detail.
  5. Take that book and open to a page anywhere in the book.
  6. Read what the page says. If you feel drawn to read more, do so. You might want to turn to other 'random' pages in the same book. Notice if there is a theme.
  7. Be curious. You might find your answer loud and clear or it might be more subtle.
  8. Once you have clarity, act on it - set the inspiration into motion. Just like that you've got yourself back into creative flow!

If you don't have clarity right away, you could try journalling to see what comes up for you. Or just wait a few days, spend time nurturing yourself and be curious as to what becomes clear. 

The key to this is not to overthink it! When we get too in our heads we can be in the space of doubt and it is the doubt that gets reflected back to us, rather than the wisdom of our higher self. If you are feeling full of doubt, grab the free Fear Release Meditation.

When I'm feeling stuck it is often because my self care is slipping and what I need is to take time to focus inward for a while. (My default mode is to put everyone else before myself, even my business growth... can you relate?)

Self care is a perfect way to get back into the zone. It helps you relax, connect with the love within and hear your own intuition more clearly. 

My go to activities are:

  • Going for a walk on the beach.
  • Taking a nap.
  • Having a big glass of water.
  • Hanging out with my kids and just being in the moment with them.

Do you have a go to list? If not, I encourage you to take some time today to create a list, then go and do one thing from it. Having a list to choose from is so helpful because it gives you a pathway out, when you can't think clearly. You can always keep adding to it as you go!

To your overflowing well of inspiration!


Claire xx



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