‘I don’t know what I want’ – How to become clear on your desires to amp up your manifesting powers! 

If you want to create your life by design, you may know that clarity is key when it comes to consciously manifesting.

But what if you don’t know what you want to attract?

I’ve had a few clients lately who know what they don’t want, they are feeling uncomfortable with the life they are currently living and want change, but don’t know how to choose.

Partly this is because they are worried they might be making the wrong choices or limiting themselves if they do get clear. And it is often because there is so much focus on what isn’t working, causing them to feel frustrated.

When we feel frustrated, or in fear our vibes are low and we are more separated from our true self.

So dissolving these feelings is a great place to start, and shifting attention to curiosity and possibility opens the door for inspiration and clarity to form.


If this is ringing true for you, here is a simple practice to get you started:

  • Choose a space where you can have some time to be quiet and go within.
  • Take some deep breaths, feeling the breath flow deep into your belly and breath out any tension. Become aware of your body relaxing and releasing any constricted feelings.
  • Bring to your attention, someone or something you love. Feel your love for them and allow yourself to bathe in that feeling. Knowing there is no place to be, or go. Just let yourself appreciate them and the expansive feeling of love you are allowing for yourself.
  • Now connect with your heart space and ask your higher self if there are is anything for you to learn at this time.
  • Be curious for any thoughts or feelings you receive. You might like to have a pen and paper handy and just allow yourself to write anything that comes to you. An important piece here is to not sensor what is transferred onto the paper. Just let the pen flow – you can go back with curiosity later to what you wrote.
  • With your connection to your higher self, allow yourself to begin to dream about what your life could look like in the future. What would be fun? Notice what lights you up. Journal about what comes to you.

 If at first the inspiration feels stifled, don’t worry, you are practicing a new skill, you are just beginning to re-remember the art of imagining. 

If you commit to doing this practice on a regular basis and you’ll begin to get more intuitive hunches, more insights and more clarity.

Let it be fun because creativity lives in the energy of play 😄

Extra bonus practice:

Journal at the end of the day around the following focus points:

  • What ideas did you have?
  • What feels juicy and exciting for you to bring into your experience?
  • What insightful hits did you have about how to manifest these experiences



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