How to notice the signs that your desires are manifesting


You have a desire you want to manifest.

You write your intentions under the new moon and visualise your dreams coming into reality in meditation.

And then you wait.

But nothing happens and you begin to wonder if the universe is actually listening. 

The universe is the energy of compassion. It doesn’t deny, it only allows us based on what we are reflecting out.

So to call a desire into being, we must continue to be open to receiving.

Even though we are often setting our intentions in a beautiful open space of receiving, we can easily shut ourselves down and totally miss the opportunities that the universe provides as we get busy ticking off our to do lists.

But you can’t just clear the calendar to simply meditate all day... you have a life to live!

So how do you stay open to receiving all the goodies life has to offer?

Develop your intuition.

The intuition is your voice within that always guides you towards your highest good. As you develop and strengthen this innate superpower, you begin to be more aware of the opportunities the universe sends and you become attuned to how and when to act.

Keep Shining,

Claire Yee


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