Don't Set Your New Year's Resolution Until You've Done This One Simple Thing...


As you make your New Years resolutions and set intentions into motion for the future, make sure you take a moment to pause and celebrate the achievements, connections and manifestations you've created over the last 10 years.

It can be so easy to just keep moving forward with setting goals for the future and swiftly moving from one thing to the next, but you'll miss so much opportunity for more magic if you do.

What we appreciate, appreciates.

If you want more love, prosperity and success in your future, celebrate all that you have already manifested and you'll be raising your frequency to attract more good things in your future.

The energy of being in celebration is magnetic.

This doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. You can simply grab your journal and begin writing.

If you need some prompts to get you started, here you go...

  • What have you achieved in the last year or decade?
  • What are your most cherished creations?
  • What awesome things have happened?
  • What have you manifested?
  • What have you witnessed that makes your heart sing?
  • What adventures have you been on?
  • Who have you met that has rocked your world?
  • What relationships continue to strengthen who you truly are?
  • Who supports and champions you to be you?

Once you are done, you'll be connected to your Abundant Self, the part of you that is open to all possibilities and knows no limits.

What a perfect place to declare your intentions and propel them into motion.

Keep Shining!

Claire xx


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