The Practice of Appreciation

In those times when there is tension in my marriage or my relationship with my kids, my #1 go to practice is appreciation. 


Often I can’t get there instantly, I usually need to take some time to centre myself first, to calm and clear. Then appreciation becomes the bridge that reconnects us in a peaceful & loving way. There’s something so beautiful about appreciating someone too, it’s a heart filled connection.


This works so well to enhance the things are doing that I like, because people love feeling appreciated and they will naturally do more of the things they are being appreciated for. I first learnt this when I was a classroom teacher of 5 year olds, it was the most effective way to encourage them to be their best!


Research suggests that by simply focusing on at least 3 things that you appreciate each day, you’ll experience less stress, anxiety & depression. 


It has also been proven that feeling appreciated leads to better health by strengthening your immune system and reducing inflammation.


Too often we look to the future for our happiness, but it is never truely in the things we do or acquire in the future that will bring real happiness. It's in the moments happening right now that happiness can be found, and it’s usually all the little things that bring the most fulfilment.


There’s no better time than the one we are in right now to get back to basics and appreciate the richness we already have. So here are some suggestions to help you rekindle your inner spark & enhance the love in your relationships.


  • Create an appreciation jar for your home and place little strips of paper beside it. Encourage everyone to write one thing they appreciate each day and read through them at the end of the week.
  • Talk about what you appreciate about each other or opportunities you had in your day at dinner time - this is one of my favourite times of the day, I love seeing the smiles on my kids faces when we recognise something awesome they’ve done. 
  • Drink your tea mindfully. Feel the warmth of the cup, the steam on your face, the taste + temperature of the tea.
  • Breathe deeply. Fill your belly, relax your shoulders, smile. Appreciate the miracle that is your body, for all the experiences she allows you to have.
  • Give someone you love a long hug, extra mojo points if you can get your kids  to stay long enough for a hug!
  • Keep an appreciation journal, write three things at the end of each day before you go to sleep. Make sure you are feeling it as you write.
  • Look out for things you appreciate through the day. When people do things to help you, say thank you and let them know specifically what it is that they did. This is fantastic for encouraging great behaviour in kids (and husbands 😉)
  • Go on a daily appreciation walk. Breathe in the fresh air, appreciate the colours, temperatures and beauty of nature as you experience it.
  • Leave great reviews for companies who have provided you an awesome service.


There are a gazillion ways appreciation can be practiced, these are just a few ideas if you need some to begin. 


I’m sure you’ll find that the results from bringing this simple awareness shift into your daily life will be profound. 



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