How to use your intuition to make big decisions

Do you ever wonder what life might be like if you'd made different decisions at key points in your life? I do!

It can feel a little scary if you have a big decision to make where there could be risk involved. Do you take that risk to move forward, or decide against it and have life stay the same? 

In today's video I share a simple process for you to work through if you have a decision to make, be it big or small. It will help you to tap into your intuitive guidance to discover the decision that is aligned with your highest good.


Here is the process:

  • Begin by bringing the situation to mind and then visualise yourself making one decision. Allow the potential scenario to play out and see yourself taking the actions that will follow that decision. Notice how you feel in your body and the feelings that come up for you.
  • After you have gained feedback about the first scenario, pause and centre yourself again through some deep breaths.
  • Next visualise yourself making the alternate decision. See that play out, notice what you would do and how you would feel. Then shift your focus to how your body is feeling and any emotions that are coming up.

What you are looking for is physical feelings of relaxation, calm & peace with one of the decisions. This is likely the best choice for you at this time. 

If both decisions cause you to feel anxious, then the timing might not be right, or perhaps there is another option that you might not have considered. Become curious at what unfolds.

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To the perfect unfolding of your beautiful life,

Claire xx


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